We are a bunch of dreamers and travelers, who love being outside. We’ve been living in the Cabo area for more than 30 years combined, working in the tourism industry. Our backgrounds are varied, but we share the same passion for outdoor activities.

Since coming to Cabo we tried every single outdoor activity where we had all kind of experiences from really amazing to horrible ones. We noticed that we can use that expertise in order to save other people’s holidays, offering only the tours we proved to be reliable.

We exist to help our customers avoid bad tour experiences in Cabo. Contact us for more information or inquiries about Tours in Cabo.


Maribel originally  grew up in the Baja area as a farmer girl and after running Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort for 20+ years she loves to share her local experience with others.

Maribel is a mother of 2, Jordan who’s a helicopter pilot in California and Marbella who just started her career as an oceanologist which is a passion that runs in their family’s veins.

Now she’s starting a new chapter in her life by creating unforgettable vacations with Tours Cabo.



Arturo spent almost seven years traveling around the world looking for the perfect place to live, that was the first time he came to Cabo where he stayed almost six months.

After finishing his Master Degree in Environmental Sciences he noticed he wasn’t ready for a proper job and came back to Cabo where he worked as a Scuba dive instructor, bike tour guide and a street Christmas tree seller.

Arturo loves the feeling of the sea wind and any outdoor activity. When he is not working you can find him doing something outside, helping a local NGO or just chilling on the beach.